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DISCO-L496AG Getting Started

How do I get started with the STM32 Discovery Pack for LTE IoT Cellular to Cloud? I'm trying to follow the instructions in the getting started pamphlet and the youtube video but I can not get access to the voucher code for my board using the screen command in the Mac terminal. Has anyone else been able to do this that can give me some advice?

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2 years, 11 months ago.

Hi Shane,

Are you following this Pelion connect guide?


This guide let you connect your board to cloud easily, and it also supports DISCO-L496AG with WizFI310 shield. If you would like to use cellular, you could refer this mbed_app.json and modify your target accordingly.


Thanks, Desmond

Hi Desmond,

Thanks for the response, I went through the tutorial and ran into an issue when trying to compile, however, I came across the cellular API documentation:


However, now I'm running into another issue where I can compile but I have an error because I don't have the correct parameters for the mbed_app.json . Do you know where I can locate the pincode for the embedded sim, on the Quectel BG96 worldwide cellular modem LTE Cat M1 ,module and the APN? Or, am I supposed to buy a micro sim separately and use that for my application?

posted by Shane F 28 Aug 2019

I think it would be better to ask STM about usage of e-sim, sorry I am not able to give you further help on this.

posted by Desmond Chen 28 Aug 2019