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"mbed-os-example-mesh-minimal"WiSUN application on Thunderboard Sense 2 borad cannot get connected!

I built "mbed-os-example-mesh-minimal"Thread and WiSUN applications for Thunderboard Sense 2 board . To compile WiSUN without error, I removed "s2lp.provide-default": true from mbed_app.json file.

When I press and release the reset button on Thunderboard Sense 2 board I have the following prompts on serial terminal:

For Thread application:

Start mesh-minimal application Build: Aug 23 2019 09:35:25 Mesh type: MBED_CONF_NSAPI_DEFAULT_MESH_TYPE Mbed OS version: 5.13.2 Device EUI64 address = ff:57:0b:00:de:8f:64:fe Connecting... Connected. IP = fd00:db8::ff:fe00:7c00

For WiSUN application:

Start mesh-minimal application Build: Aug 23 2019 15:01:33 Mesh type: MBED_CONF_NSAPI_DEFAULT_MESH_TYPE Mbed OS version: 5.13.2 Connecting...

So on WiSUN application, it does not show Connected. IP and Device EUI64 address.



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Hi Mehdi,

Thank you for your question!

As you can see from the code:

void thread_eui64_trace()
#define LOWPAN 1
#define THREAD 2
   uint8_t eui64[8] = {0};
   printf("Device EUI64 address = %02x:%02x:%02x:%02x:%02x:%02x:%02x:%02x\n", eui64[0], eui64[1], eui64[2], eui64[3], eui64[4], eui64[5], eui64[6], eui64[7]);

The "Device EUI64 address" will be shown only for THREAD mesh interface. However, you should be seeing the "connected" message. There are two possible locations where you r device is probably stuck: 1. int error = mesh->connect();

Perhaps the connecting part is stuck in a blocking loop

2. while (NULL == mesh->get_ip_address()) ThisThread::sleep_for(500);

I believe this is more likely the reason for your device being stuck.

Unfortunately, I don't have a Wisun environment to check this. Could you add a trace after the "connect" call (line 91) to check if the connection succeeded and the issue is ip address being NULL?


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Hi Ron,

Thanks for the help!

I added a print before while (NULL == mesh->get_ip_address()) loop , but I could not see it on terminal on start, so surely It stuck on int error = mesh->connect();.



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