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CMSIS-DAP in Mac osx?

Are you planning to add support for CMSIS-DAP in Mac osx?

Sorry if this was already answered, I tried to search for an answer in the forum but didn't find one.

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10 years, 11 months ago.

I looked into this, and it is something I'd like to do if I get time. The problem is that OS X doesn't let non-kernel drivers capture HID devices except through the HID APIs (for security reasons - helping prevent keyloggers etc). The CMSIS-DAP python server supplied by mbed libusb which implements it's own HID layer and accesses the underlying USB stack at a lower level than HID - which Windows and Linux allow, but OS X does not. People have written patches that add native Mac HID support into libusb, but the libusb maintainers have repeatedly rejected them. If mbed had used libhid (http://libhid.alioth.debian.org/) instead of libusb (unfortunately it's under GPLv2), it would use the appropriate APIs on Mac and also support Linux and Windows. This seems like the easiest way of supporting OS X.