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Compiler Error 230 Syntax error(s) in Assembly.

This has been going on for a week; no matter what I download less a simple blinkie program, fails to compile!

When I compile all but the most simple program I get: Compiler Error 230 Syntax error(s) in Assembly.

The procedure I use is; open the compiler. load something like TextLCD_Hello_World, open and check main.cpp, then click compile. In every instance, I get Compiler Error 230 Syntax error(s) in Assembly. This occurs in most programs.

I have posted this before and did not receive a helpful answer, I may be spitting in the wind, but the powers that ARE, are not doing the job required to keep Mbed as a serious system contender.

The system seems good on paper, but when it comes to real operation it fails often. It would be appreciated If someone who might offer a solution, would do so.

I don't know what to do but give it a few more days and then abandon Mbed forever. BTW I'm not the only one that feels this way.

Thank you in advance.

Hi Greg,

I'm sorry you are having problems with this. I have just checked this myself and haven't able to replicate the issue with the default board (lpc1768). Can you provide some more information?

- Is it just TextLCD_Hello_World or do you have have other examples that don't work? - Can you provide a link to the project being imported so I can be 100% sure I'm doing the same thing as you? - What is the target/platform are you using?

Thanks, Graham

posted by Graham Hammond 21 Aug 2019

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1 year, 5 months ago.

I have a project from some times ago. Using all new releases of mbed-OS causes the program to crash. So, I use one of the old releases and it works. But still the export is not working .. There are many things there that causes problems. I reported that many times .. no one care.

Try to download older releases and see if that fix your problem.

Look at this line I get in the Makefile

ASM_FLAGS += /filer/workspace_data/exports/0/0b56195140e36b1c83f4483fb903ae8c/myproject/mbed_config.h