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RTOS functionality - can I safely remove requires": ["bare-metal"]

I am able to import the 6D Orientation example into the online compile and build for target STM32F429ZI

However, when I try to use any of the RTOS classes, I get a compiler error

For example, I declare a thread:

Thread t1;

I get the compiler error 'Unknown type name Thread'

I looked inside mbed_app.json and found "requires": ["bare-metal"] . Removing this allows me to use the RTOS.

The library says it is compatible with Mbed OS 5.12, so I assume can use this library in a multithreaded environment?

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3 years, 5 months ago.

Hi there,

maybe I am wrong but from my point of view the Mbed OS bare metal profile is active only because the example is simple, without RTOS functionality so for a test of this example you not need compile whole MbedOS5. So I think yes, you can remove it.

The Mbed OS bare metal profile is compensation for simple and old Mbed OS2 .

Best regards J.