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mbedOS pin allocation error...

I am running mbedOS with Dragonfly Nano and trying to allocate some of the multiple ADC pins brought out on the Arduino Shield interface on the UDK2. I can successfully execute AnalogIn(x) where x = A0 and A2 - but I get: ERROR CODE Pinmap Invalid The pinmap provided is invalid. ...

0) why wouldn't mbed Studio report an error during the build, (compile, link, etc.) that this pin is not available for that application?

1) Is there a means to trap a return value from a pin allocation function (eg AnalogIn(), DigitalIn() or DigitalOut()) during run-time to confirm that that specific Pin is available as requested?

2) How does one enable MBED_CONF_PLATFORM_ERROR_FILENAME_CAPTURE_ENABLED in the build configuration to obtain more information?

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