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Reference material, Dragonfly Nano MTQN-MNG1-B02 Serial pass through

Hoping to switch from a socketmodem to the dragonfly nano we purchased one and have attached it to the multitech udk as shown in your guides. I have understood that with the usb on the dragonfly nano I should be able to send AT commands directly to the modem. My intention is to run through the AT command to establish a connection to my server before considering how I would have this added to our pcb. I cannot find any documentation on how to run the serial pass through on the dragonfly nano. Would you be able to point me to such?

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The MultiConnect® Dragonfly Nano offers developers an FCC and carrier certified solution that makes connecting sensors and other edge-of-network devices quick and easy.

Jeff - wondering if you ever get any kind of response or guidance? ...I'm heading down a similar road.

posted by Mike Petersen 06 Aug 2019

No. In an email the response was to make sure drivers were installed, which they are. Then silence. We are justing going to toss it on a PCB and skip the UDK. I see no reason the modem should not work.

posted by Jeffrey Haws 07 Aug 2019
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