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mbedTLS - session resumption - what is the correct way to remove session IDs from the cache?

When dealing with the session cache, I see that there are 6 functions defined in ssl_cache.h: mbedtls_ssl_cache_init mbedtls_ssl_cache_get mbedtls_ssl_cache_set mbedtls_ssl_cache_set_timeout mbedtls_ssl_cache_set_max_entries mbedtls_ssl_cache_free

What I want to know is, how can I delete a specific session from the cache? There is no "remove" function defined. I don't necessarily want to remove all items from the cache, just one. Any advice on how to do that?

Oh dear, I see now that I have posted this in the wrong mbed forum. I see this is in "os.mbed.com", but I meant for it to go to"tls.mbed.org" (I think I got mixed up when switching between the .org and .com versions of this site....which apparently the tls forums are still stuck on the .org site). Should I close this one and open a new one on the other forum or can someone move this question to the tls forum?

posted by E O 12 Jul 2019

I've tried to close this one and have opened a new version of the question in the appropriate forum here: https://forums.mbed.com/t/mbedtls-session-resumption-what-is-the-correct-way-to-remove-session-ids-from-the-cache/5334

posted by E O 12 Jul 2019