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Hello all,

When i use the filter CAN on the boards web page. I can see the <NUCLEO-F429ZI>. But when i go the specifications of the board, i cant really see if this board have embedded CAN transceivers.

Is this the case ?

Thx you in advance for the reply,.

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2 years, 6 months ago.

Hi there,

That page https://os.mbed.com/platforms/ST-Nucleo-F429ZI/ inform you, in the Microcontroller features section, about the two CAN controllers are included.

How can see the pins of that board are marked as Tx and RX and not CAN-H and CAN-L. Because the CAN Transceiver is not included on the board. So you need additional component like is a CAN Transceiver, for example MCP2551.

For a simple CAN test without transceivers you can use method by Siemens. You can found it here https://os.mbed.com/users/hudakz/notebook/can-bus-without-transceivers/ it is recommended only for short distance.

Best regards J.