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Multiple SPI Port not working on Nucleo-F446RE

I am interfacing two Data Acquisition ICs with Nucleo-F446RE through two different SPI Port. Nucleo-F446RE is acting as the master for and is programmed to receive data from both of ICs. I have written the program with sufficient wait cycles so that program for two won't interfere with each other. The program is working for both of them in isolation i.e. when I comment the code for one device and give instruction for only one device the code is working perfectly but when I integrate the two, the clock for Nucleo is not coming correctly.

The code is attached below for your reference./media/uploads/Arushichaudhry/ad7609_serial.nucleo_f446re_-11-.bin

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Affordable and flexible platform to ease prototyping using a STM32F446RET6 microcontroller.
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