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Cant Compile, Error: Warning: L6320W: Ignoring --keep command. Cannot find argument 'os_cb_sections'

Hi there,

I work withe online mbed compiler: https://ide.mbed.com/compiler/

When I compile a bigger project for card NUCLEO-F401RE I get above message. No Error Nr, No Resource, No Folder name, no Location.

It is obivously not related to the source code, but to the compiler environment. Since it's running online "https://ide.mbed.com/compiler/" I have no access to compiler environment.

So I am stuck.

This error has been reported many times before, more than a month ago, but no solution provided. That is appalling.

Any constructive feedback what I can try is welcome. But please do not give me tips like: "there must be a syntax error in your source code, that the linker stumbles across, try to find your syntax errors yourself and the compilation will work." The source code is quite big and imho a Compiler is supposed to show me if/where I make Syntax error, but not the other way round.

I was considering using this mbed compiler for some commercial work, but looking at the recent regression in stability, I am now looking for a more stable solution.

Thanks in advance,

Tarek Lule

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4 years, 3 months ago.

I recently got hit by this and no, it's not a syntax error. Those are correctly displayed on the compiler status window. This one however was mysterious. I ended up starting from a blank sheet and adding in my code little by little until it broke with this error. I noticed that the same code would compile under one target but not another (same ST family). I found some of my declarations in the device (target) files were incorrect. Again this was through process of elimination. The Cpp header file was declaring some assignments that did not have associated cpp code. Sorry to be vague but it was a mess to uncover and I have tried to wipe the pain away.

Hi Bill, Thanks for your infos. At the end it was also in my case an error in my code, that I had to localise tediously by hand, related to a function name that was not declared. A simple semantic error that should be a piece of cake for a 21st century tool that calls itself compiler :(

posted by Tarek Lule 18 Jun 2019
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This Error Happens When You Declare a function, call it but not defining.