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USB remuneration and MBED compiler no device selected

Hi folks,

I recently bought Nucleo-F411RE. I'm facing two issues:

1) The USB remuneration doesn't take place. The device displays as NODE_F411RE and shows 540KB of space. There are 2 files:- a text file named DETAILS and a htm file named MBED. I have installed the drivers and upgraded the firmware. Current firmware version is V2.J34.M25 When i plug into USB the nucleo powers up with LD1 and LD3 red (not blinking) and LD2 is blinking (green). LD2 blink rate changes when pressing blue button B1.

In device manager, I can see: STMicroelectronics STLink Virtual COM port (COM6) under ports ST-Link Debug under Universal Serial Bus devices

I have seen some posts where the nucleo device displays as NUCLEO (USB remuneration). Mine just displays as NODE_F411RE I have used 2 new USB cables and both are showing the same results. My PC is running on Windows 10.

2) I'm unable to use MBED as when I open the compiler, the upper right hand corner displays " no device selected" My Nucleo-F411RE is already added in my hardware but the "no device selected" button is grayed out and unclickable.

Can anyone help me solve this problem? I'm really at my wits end and would really appreciate any help on this.

Thanks in advance, Vikram

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