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How to use NUCLEO-F072C8 instead of NUCLEO-F072RB

I am doing a project related to MEMS accelerometer, for that I used the "NUCLEO F072RB" board.

Now I have to use the another board named as "NUCLEO F072C8" These two boards lies in the same category. But when I used this board, Some problem occured as I can not upload the code in the NUCLEO F072C8 due to some compatibility issue. Can anyone help me by guiding me how to use NUCLEO-F072C8 with Mbed coding.

Hi, do not have experience with that but some time ago I saw this https://os.mbed.com/docs/mbed-os/v5.12/porting/index.html. J.

posted by Jan Kamidra 14 Jun 2019
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