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Nucleo program sometimes doesn't start at startup


I am using two nucleo K432LC based motorcontrollers. /media/uploads/de_geeter_alexander/img_20190607_192753.jpg The are connected on the same CAN bus with a raspberry pi and mcp2515 can controller.

The firmware for the motorcontroller is ready but when i power the motorcontrollers sometimes the first nucleo doenst start his program and the LD3 led blink 4 times slow and 4 times fast. However the powerstartup of the buck converter is ok. After a manuel reset the nucleo everthing is fine. The problem always occur with the first nucleo even if i switch the nucleo so i am think it has nothing to do with the motorcontroller PCB.

Can it be a CAN conflict with the raspberry pi at startup? The CAN id of the bad nucleo is 1. I have also no clue what the Led blink pattern means.

Has anyone some ideas?

Mvg Alexander

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