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Firmware update on Nucleo F103RB using bootloader : is it possible ?

Hello all,

I'm trying to update the firmware of a Nucleo F103RB by using the bootloader in it and another MCU to perform the update. It seems that everything goes fine, except that the firmware isn't updated (I created a simple firmware blinking the onboard LED, the LED doesn't blink). I have tested the following (checked with a scope on the UART line used) : - The UART bootloader is reached (I receive acknowledgments when sending commands) - The write unprotect command is executed with success (the two ACKs are received) - The write commands are ACKed - The content of the write command is fine - The board still works fine : when flashing using the onboard STLink, the application executes normally

I thought the write protection was a good lead, but adding it changed nothing. The only thing I noticed is that after a normal flashing then a flashing through the UART bootloader, when power cycling the board, the LED on the STLink part of the board is a solid red, while it was yellow after the normal flashing. But I have no idea what to make of this.

Any ideas ?

Best regards, Laurent.

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