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How to use Mbed with the borad named as "STM32F072C8"?

Dear sir/ Ma'am

I am using STM 32 Arm Cortex MCU that lies in the category of STM32 Mainstream MCU. For my project I have used the STM32F072RB with Mbed code. When I used the same Mbed code with other board of same category i.e. STM32 F072C8, some problem occurred while downloading the code as there is only the memory difference bwtween the two. I request you to give some information about how to use STM32F072C8 with Arm-Mbed.

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4 months ago.

Hi Nivedita, In this case, you should port mbed to STM32 F072C8. Fortunately, there is a guidance of STMicro. please look at https://os.mbed.com/teams/ST/wiki/steps-to-create-a-new-STM32-platform

and if you need a Korean than please visit Mbed Korea community(https://cafe.naver.com/mbedkoreanforum/860)

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