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Custom Board with STM32F446

Dear members, I have designed a board that is a carbon copy clone of nucleo f446re, excepts for the clock which is a 8Mhz crystal resonator. I've added to mbed project an mbed_app.json made like this

include the mbed library with this snippet

  "target_overrides": {         
        "NUCLEO_F446RE": {
                "platform.stdio-baud-rate": 115200,
               "target.clock_source": "USE_PLL_HSE_XTAL"

When i flash the board when a simple blinker code all the pins stay floating and aren't working at all, but the oscillator is powered up. I have tried with CUBEMX and SW4STM32 and using the hal functions the blinking is working. What I'm doing wrong? Thank you for the support

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4 months, 1 week ago.

hmmm...can you connect an STM32LINK to the processor? If so, have you check the state of the registers? Is there any chance the BOOT0/BOOT1 pin is in the wrong state when coming out of reset?

With the STLink i can see the code correctly loaded in the MCU memory and Boot0 is at GND

posted by Luigi di rado 12 Jun 2019

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