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How to properly install ARM Compiler v5 on docker?

How to properly install ARM Compiler v5.06 (update 6) on Ubuntu 16.04 docker image ?

I',m trying to setup the simple pipeline on Bitbucket to build and deploy final firmware packages. Bitbucket pipeline is using default docker image which is blank Ubuntu 16.04. So to compile firmware i need to install ARM Compiler Version 5.06 update 6. But it actually fails to install.

To install i use this command line: sudo ./armcc/Installer/setup.sh --i-agree-to-the-contained-eula --no-interactive --show-files --verbose

While it starts up good, then it breaks in the middle of the installation process with following errors please see the file attached.

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2 years ago.

Have you considered using the compile API? https://os.mbed.com/handbook/Compile-API

You would need to be able to push your code to os.mbed.com and you might not get that exact compiler version, I don't know if that matters. Also if you're looking to deploy device firmware, you should take a look at Pelion Device Management which has a free tier for up to 100 devices and 200 firmware upgrades a month.