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Why the os example in Online Compiler does not work

I import the program of mbed os hello example to online compiler and can not get the .bin program, the online compile give me the following error message: Error: L6636E: Pre-processor step failed for '/extras/mbed-os.lib/targets/TARGET_NXP/TARGET_MCUXpresso_MCUS/TARGET_MCU_LPC546XX/device/TOOLCHAIN_ARM_STD/LPC54628J512.sct'

What can I do for the error message?

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The L-Tek FF-LPC546XX is a small, 40-pin development board intended for prototyping general microcontroller applications. It is based on a low power, peripheral rich and debug capable NXP LPC54606 microcontroller, …

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12 months ago.

Hi there,

the example probably works but that is a compiler issue, please try to compile the project multiple times.


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