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Raw AT command with Skywire modem

Hi all, I am trying to use the Skywire modem for my connection to my server. I am using the ATCMDParser to do my calls to the server using the AT commands I can communicate with the server with no real problem. BUT when I get the JSON response from the server, it still has all the header information. I cant figure out how to strip the headers from the JSON in the ATCMDParser read. I figured maybe I need to use a the cellular lib and do everything using the AT Raw method. I can not find any clear samples on how to do a socket call to the server and receive the response and strip the JSON out of it. I am using the JSON lib to parse the JSON and I know it works as I have a hand coded version of the JSON from the server that I used to test. Now I am trying to process directly from the server. Can anyone provide me with any advise on solving my issue? Basically how do I receive data from the ATCMDParser and process it to strip the 'body' or JSON from the message. I am open to any other methods one may suggest. I am trying to advoid PPP as I hope to use the modem to obtain GPS data at some point using the AT command. Best Regards, Rob Berry

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