2 years, 4 months ago.

Online compiler crash before importing mbed-dev library

If I export a zip file of the project we do not manage to use offline mbed cli of unzipped folder.

There seem to be some Python library issues.

For Cmake-GCC export there is a linking error at compilation time w/added libraries

I triedto replace mbed with mbed-dev in the online compiler but it crashes. Is there any way to work around this issue?

What errors are you getting locally ?

The crash in the online IDE - timeout error or ? Please provide as much details as you can

posted by Martin Kojtal 10 May 2019

1 Answer

2 years, 4 months ago.

Mbed-Dev is very large now, over the years its been taking longer and longer to import and update.

Now its extremely difficult to get a successful import, I get the impression its being made that way to encourage the use of os5. I understand these online Mbed files including our own program material are located on big servers and you are not actually importing to your local machine so does not make much sense to me.

However when I need to use the Dev libraries I tend to copy paste my existing copies I have but in chunks to a new program, not the whole library in one go, rather then trying to import from the official Mbed.

This works for me:

Start the import from the official Mbed-Dev page and wait and wait and wait, then you will probably get a timeout error message. This gives you an option to retry, click retry and wait again. eventually you will see a message that Mbed-dev already exists. Click cancel and reload your online compiler page and it should be there.

Doesn't always work so be careful otherwise you could be locked out of the compile for a few hours. So try this when you don't want to use the compiler for a while.