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Exported project for SW4STM32 doesn't compile


I'm trying to setup a IDE to work with STM32 + Mbed and all that I try is a nightmare. From ST the tool that seems to be more stable is TrueStudio (from Attolic). For some reason I can't find anybody trying to import an Mbed project to this IDE (perhaps it is not the best one for this moment - 2019/May). I found some discussions/documents using SW4STM32 from AC6 that has an option when we export a project from Mbed online. Unfortunately the project doesn't compile (I tried import the project, open on different way, but nothing all unsuccessful).

Is there any tips, document, link, that could help on this task? I just want export from Mbed online and be able to compile on ST IDE environment. I'm focus on open source IDE so far. Any help will be very welcome.

PS: I'm using a supported board: NUCLEO-L476RG


Mbed Studio any good for for your off-line compiler needs?


posted by Paul Staron 02 May 2019

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Hello Giuliano,

Mbed Studio is a very promising IDE . But until it gets a bit more mature you can try the QtCreator IDE. I know it takes some time to configure but then it works fine.