3 months ago.

Nucleo under Windows 10

Hi there,

After an almos successful day using my new Windows 10 desktop and my good-old Nucleo 401, I have started experiencing some strange behaviour. Since about the last 4 hours, the system is down, I can not upload any working code, can't debug, etc.

The main problem seems to be originated to the 0x800703ee error, when I'm going to upload the .bin to the Board. In 9 out of 10 tries are recejted by this error, and only the second attempts seems to be working. Since about 2 hours, every tries ends up in a complete fail. No way to upload the software.

Furhtermore. I found TeraTerm stopped working almost from one apload to the next one...

This strange behaviour seems to be very common among developers, meanwhile, very poorly documented. It seems, for some, it's not a problem (with many different types of Nucleo boards), for others, it's a repeating trouble with the very same set of boards.

Any idea how to solve this?

Thanks in advance!


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