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AWS IoT Core with M2351


I don't have the board yet, so I must ask this question here. Can we run AWS IoT Core on M2351?

I'm talking about this example in particular: https://os.mbed.com/teams/Nuvoton/code/NuMaker-mbed-AWS-IoT-example/

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Nuvoton Technology was founded to bring customers new solutions inspired by innovation. The company was spun-off as a Winbond affiliate in 2008 while Winbond continues to focus on its large …

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About AWS-IoT connection, it should be workable on M2351 platform. For Cortex-V8M, there are 2 images, one is secure image and the other is non-secure image. We will verify the suitable RAM partition to fulfill AWS-IoT memory footprint, one for secure part and the other for non-secure part. Now, online compiler not support V8M pack(secure image + ns-image) well, so we propose to use CLI and you could refer to below 2 M2351 examples:



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