2 years ago.

Random compiler errors: "The build system did not finish successfully" and "Legacy align"

I have been experiencing random compiler errors in which programs that have compiled in the past now often fail to compile, leaving one of the following cryptic error messages:

"Error: The build system did not finish successfully." (Error number 230) "Warning: L3912W: Option 'legacyalign' is deprecated"

The messages do not refer to any particular files or lines in my code. Several of my colleagues have reported the same issue.

Does this have to do with recent revisions to the mbed OS5? If this has been a common issue for many users, as it seems to be, has any temporary fix been discovered?

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2 years ago.

You are not alone on this! I'm also having this. I think the best thing to do is make a issue on the github.

2 years ago.

Hi All,

Same problem here, I cannot progress on my project due to that compiler fails with message

"Warning: L3912W: Option 'lecacyalign' is deprecated."

I was always cautious to rely with my work on an online tool set that can break after a change without me able to go back to previous version. Hope this can be solved!

Thankx, Tarek

Actually now also get the random "Error: The build system did not finish successfully." with Error Number -230. Project I am currently working on is: TOF-Synth.

posted by Tarek Lule 08 Apr 2019