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Arm Mbed Cordio and OTA DFU

Hi, Is there any over the air firmware update method envisioned for Nordic's nrf52xx devices using Mbed Cordio Ble stack?

I'm looking for the same kind of info! :)

posted by Ladislas de Toldi 02 Apr 2019

+1 :-)

posted by Tomasz CEDRO 22 Oct 2019

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11 months, 4 weeks ago.

Hi Szymon,

Thanks for bringing this to discussion.

We understand that this is a important feature from evaluation to production, unfortunately there is no available example now, it's under planning and is our first priority. We hope to provide it soon.

- Desmond, team Mbed

Accepted Answer

Hi Desmond,

could you tell me, how I can stay updated on this topic?

posted by Roxana Meixner 07 Aug 2019

Hey @roxana just click "Follow" button on the right. Assuming there are some answers posted you should get notified I guess.. did you get any notification after I post this message?

posted by Tomasz CEDRO 03 Nov 2019