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What to do about a build system -230 error?


I've an old project that has been building successfully since 2015. I last successfully built it on 3/3/2019. Without changing it it now fails to build with the mysterious:

The build system did not finish successfully -230 Unable to download, fix the reported errors...

I'd really like to get even the smallest indication of what is going wrong.

I have exported the project and successfully built with arm-gcc, and I'm attempting, unsuccessfully so far, to build it with MDK. arm-gcc doesn't solve my problem because it builds an image that is too big for my platform by 10%.

Has anything changed in the build system in the last month?

The project is a horrible mixture of stuff originally from an intern project. It does, however squeeze TLS1.2 into a 200kB firmware image (when last built with the online compiler), and this is important. Platform: LPC1768 Statically linked against a copy of mbed4 Statically linked against a custom build of WolfSSL

I've now successfully built this project using ARMC5 in Development Studio, so again, I don't think that this is a source code failure.

Trying the online compiler just now (28/03/2019 12:00GMT) the project is now back building correctly. I notice that whereas the export options last evening offered


that option has now disappeared and been replaced by


I suspect that someone might have reverted the current version of the online compiler....

posted by Edward Colby 28 Mar 2019

Odd my builds are still not working

posted by Ben S 28 Mar 2019

where are you seeing export options?

posted by Ben S 28 Mar 2019

In the program workspace on left, right click for a menu on the project, 5th option is Export Program... This gives you a dialog that allows you to select a number of different export targets. One of which is currently Make-ARMc5

posted by Edward Colby 28 Mar 2019

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Yes lots of us are experiencing the same issue, incredibly frustrating and causing lots of business continuity issues.

Try changing Mbed-os revision to 51d55508e8. Does that help?

Hi Ben,

Sorry/glad to hear that I'm not alone. Thanks for your suggestion; unfortunately we froze the code at the time that it was first released having passed test. Thus it isn't a simple matter to switch the mbed-os revision (we're using a copy made in 2016 in the project).

What this does mean is that the issue is not caused by a revision in any of the libraries - there are no external dependencies in this project and I'm pretty sure that I'm asking the build system to work on exactly the same set of sources as it was working with 3 weeks ago.

posted by Edward Colby 28 Mar 2019

Yes, its certainly not a code issue, it's a 'tools upgrade', i.e a compiler change. very frustrating. Agree with the need to freeze code, we are only changing os version because we are clutching at straws!

posted by Ben S 28 Mar 2019