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nvstore returns errors no matter what i do

Hi, I do hope someone can help me...

I am using NVStore and have increased the size. I keep getting the -7 on the set for that same value and the same for the -4 on the get. I know -7 is out of space but i expanded it to 8129 as you can see in the output and the -4 is Data corrupt thats why i added the remove to see if removing it before setting it would fix this. Can someone please help? here is the output of the test program: /media/uploads/rjberry/nvstoreoutput.png

here is the code:


I have been working on this allot any have done allot of wonder if stuff like adding the nvstore.remove(key) most recently .

I am developing for the cy8cproto_062_4343W Best Regards, Rob Berry

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