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pelion problems

Recently I tried to use F429 to link pelion,the application is “pelion-example-common” and i use the spifblockdevice,I can connect to the pelion,but when i try to update the firmware i meet some problem like : [SMCC] Error occurred : MbedCloudClient::UpdateWarningCertificateNotFound [SMCC] Error code : 1025 [SMCC] Error details : Update has failed, check MbedCloudClient::Error

II followed the Update with Pelion Device Management in four steps. Maybe i need your help.thanks

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3 years, 8 months ago.

Have you tried Mbed CLI commands?


Thanks, Lin, team Mbed

No,i am using the complier to do it.

posted by Carmelo Ning 19 Mar 2019