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Is LoRaWAN stack development still an Arm/Mbed priority?

Hi Folks

We've been considering shifting from using a modified STM/Semtech LoRaWAN stack for the sensor boards that we design (currently incorporating AcSIP S76S mcu/radio modules with our own firmware), to using the Mbed LoRaWAN stack, particulary as it implements a proper RTOS and has been widely touted as being progressive.

However it appears that the last update to the Mbed LoRaWAN stack was over a year ago, assuming that this https://github.com/janjongboom/mbed-os-example-lora is the latest!

LoRaWAN itself continues to move forward quite rapidly and it is important to be able to keep our devices reasonably up to date with the latest functionality and improvements in the standard.

So I wanted to know whether LoRaWAN stack development is still and Arm/Mbed priority, or has this effectively been shifted to the back burner in priority? More generally it would be helpful if a development road map / schedule could be made available. In any case when is the next 'release' expected?

This will help us to decide whether to shift or not.

Best wishes Ron

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Hi, I never saw this post (no notification), but the repo is https://github.com/armmbed/mbed-os-example-lorawan; which is regularly updated!