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Why does Mbed Studio requires logging in?

How do I select a target? After creating an empty program from an example target list remains empty.

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Mbed Studio requires logging in so it can utilize Pelion features if you also have a Pelion account.

As for selecting a target, the program should have been set to active automatically when it was created and ready to build, but there are a couple of things to try to get it in a working state.

Make sure it is the active program and even if it is, right-click and select "Set Active" from the context menu. See if the target list is populated.

If not, expand it in the files view and check if it has an "mbed-os" directory and any other libraries also have their directories. If not, there is a context menu item called "Download Source for Libraries" when you right-click on the active program in the files view.

This option will remove the libraries and re-download them which is necessary if there isn't an "mbed-os" directory, or "mbed-os" only got partially loaded in the program (this affects the target list). After the process is done, the target list should be populated.

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posted by Eugene Hutorny 28 Feb 2019

You can still work offline after your initial sign in into Mbed Studio.

posted by Bogdan Stolojan 28 Feb 2019