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Linux Version?

Is there going to be a linux version?

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Yes please! It used to be the other way around: embedded tools were Linux-only and ports to Windows were long awaited (if at all)...

posted by Matthieu Labas 27 Feb 2019

I agree with Ron Segal the lack of Linux support is very disappointing. MBED-CLI is ofcause fine for small projects, but for more complex stuff one IMHO need an IDE. There are NetBeans, CLion (commercial) and CrossWork (commercial). The problem is Makefile / project file generation. For CrossWorks I ended up writing a Python program which compiles a blinky Makefile generated by MBED-CLI into a basic CrossWorks Solution file. That way I get compiler options, linker option sand defines sorted. I could really do without torture like this. If only there was a Linux IDE for MBED that would generate project / Makefiles for me. Doing type, compile an debug w.o. having to leave the IDE is what we need.

posted by Tim Børresen 28 Feb 2019

+1 to what Tim Børresen said. I would also love to see Linux support since it's one of the most widely spread OS used by developers.

posted by Adrian Scripcă 01 Mar 2019

I also hope that Linux is going to be supported soon. In the mean time you can try QtCreator with Mbed CLI as backend engine. No makefiles are involved and works great on Linux and MS Windows.

posted by Zoltan Hudak 01 Mar 2019

Using MEBD CLI as a backend is of cause an option. Sadly the binaries build by MBED CLI aren't as optimized in size as one would wish for. They are quite bloated compared to those I can generate using CrossWorks. In both cases I',m of cause using the came compiler.

posted by Tim Børresen 01 Mar 2019

To get slimmer binaries when using QtCreator + Mbed CLI + GCC ARM choose 'mbed-os release' when configuring your project. But if ARM Compiler is available to you then you can use it as well. Just execute

mbed config -G toolchain ARM

instead of

mbed config -G toochain GCC_ARM

before launching the QtCreator.

posted by Zoltan Hudak 01 Mar 2019

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Shame they did not include Linux on the list to begin with, all this whining for nothing...

I am having issues with the VSCode on X windows... It does not want to reposition itself on the screen when I drag it, have to do full screen to see it. I guess I have to find the correct people to complain to...

Again, Thanks.

posted by Floyd Brown 28 Feb 2019
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Current lack of Linux support is disappointing and pretty essential for us, engaged in professional embedded development.

5 years, 3 months ago.

This shocked me! Mbed have gone from an online IDE which supports everyone. To an IDE which only works on Mac and Windows.

I know the embedded space still has a lot of tools and app's that are still stuck in 1990 Windows platforms. But everywhere I go now everyone seems to be running the dev environments in Linux or Mac. Maybe it's just me or that I'm working a lot on cloud and backend services? But Linux does seem to be the environment of choice for developers...