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Why MAXREFDES117 module is not working with FRDM K64F board with the example code?



I have this MAXREFDES117# Heart and SPO2 Sensor module and the Freedom FRDM K64F board. As given in the datasheet of the MAXREFDES117#, I made the proper connections. I tried to run the sample code (compiled in MBED online compiler for the FRDM K64F board) and I could see that my MAXREFDES117# sensor is collecting invalid/garbage data.

Yes, the sample code runs for the first time where after hitting a key on the keyboard I could see that the RED LED glows inside the sensor and it was able to read some data. But after that, it never worked.

Now, whenever I restart my microcontroller and try to run the same program, the RED LED inside the sensor no longer glows and the sensor starts collecting garbage data. It seems that the MAX30102 driver is not getting initialized.

What could be the issue? Have I damaged my sensor module somehow? Is there any configuration I am missing? Do let me know if there is any way to fix this up.

FYI, I haven't tried the same code with any other mentioned mbed platforms (MAX32600MBED# or FRDM-KL25Z)

Please help me with that. I am attaching a pdf file of the garbage data collected here.

Many Thanks, Shibam

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