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Schematic available for JDI LPM027M128C FRDM mbed Board?

Hello JDI Support - Is the schematic diagram available for the JDI LPM027M128C/LPM013MX72 FRDM mbed Board? This is the interposer board that was shipped with an evaluation kit for the LPM013M126c display.

I have checked the schematic posted at https://os.mbed.com/teams/JapanDisplayInc/code/MIP8f_FRDM_sample/ , which is for the SwitchScience design, but it does not match the board mentioned above.

Thank you.


[Edit: got it from the local sales office.]

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Hello Hexley.

Thank you for the question and sorry for the late reply.

This blue board is an old version. The board manufactured by Switch Science is the latest.

The schematic of the blue board is as follows for reference. Please refer to it. /media/uploads/JDI_Mbed_Team/-schematic-frdm_demo_board_kai.pdf



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New MIP Interface Board by SwitchScience.

International store : https://international.switch-science.com/catalog/5393/