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MTSCellularInterface support for latest Mbed OS 5


That is my first time working with Multitech Dragonfly Nano and I would like to run basic cellular examples (network registration, SMS send and receive, TCP connection) with Mbed OS. I saw that Multitech has developed a lib that makes this process easier but it is not yet available for latest Mbed OS version 5.11. Is there any date to have some example where this lib is used and Nano is the plataform? Or any real plans to have this lib compatible with Mbed OS 5.11 or greater?

I'm looking for any example that could speed up this evaluation. I'm trying to port this lib but I'm not sure how much effort it will be necessary, of course I will need abort if it will consume too much time.

Any help will be very appreciated.

Thanks Kind Regards Giuliano

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