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DFU with NRF52832

Hi, I want to be able to update my program OTA, so I havve to use some kind of DFU bootloader. I found an precompiled bootloader for the redbear blenano2, so I used that, and it works, I see the dfutarg advertising.

But how can I now compile my application together with the bootloader and upload? and how can i start the bootloader from my application? or can I do it completly different/better anyways?

using: platformIO MBED NRF52832 (redbear) Segger JLink Visualstudio Code

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Hi Jonas,

I believe the documentation of firmware update


and bootloader


should be able to answer your question about merging application and bootloader.

And for starting bootloader, you must do reboot, sd_nvic_SystemReset() would be the function for nRF chip.

Here is a good article for DFU example https://os.mbed.com/blog/entry/firmware-updates-mbed-5-flashiap/.


Desmond, team Mbed