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Example on how to run I2C on STM32 Nucleo (STM32F104RE with Arduino TinkerKit connected to it)


Being new to the embedded World, my first project consists of running som Arduino peripherals connected to an STM32 Nucleo. I am looking for an example of how to do this kind of thing.

I have an STM32F104RE with an Arduino Sensor Shield V.2 placed on top of it. The most basic example would suffice, for example, reading out the status of a button and lighting an LED, whatever. Of course it does not have to be exactly the same setup, I guess there is some generecity in how this works.


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Do you mean the STM32F103RE rather than STM32F104RE or are you referring to the STM32F401RE?

Go to the board page https://os.mbed.com/platforms/ST-Nucleo-F401RE/ and select the Nucleo_I2C_master example https://os.mbed.com/teams/ST/code/Nucleo_i2c_master/

That is pretty basic and easy to understand and modify.

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