1 year, 10 months ago.

LCD DisplayStringAt function working too slow

I'm working with STM32F429I-disc1 discovery board and found out that lcd.DisplayStringAt() function working too slow: one run cunsumes about 1.2 ms of time. CPU of the board runs at 184 MHz and looks pretty fast and for my opinion this function should be several times faster.

Is there any tweeks or thoughts on the subject?


Just clarified that the time required is proportional to number of characters (about 100 us per char) and depend on a font size: The same 11-chars line displayed after:

  • 183 ms at Font8
  • 358 ms at Font12
  • 706 ms at Font16
  • 1200 ms at Font20

and so on

Which looks pretty as a number of dots (or linear size squared)

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