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Different easy way to compile

Hey, does anybody know a different, easy way, to program and compile code for this board? Right now I do not have enough time and knowledge of embedded systems to use CubeMX or program using bitwise operators.

Thanks in advance!

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STM32 Nucleo-144 development board with STM32H743ZIT6 MCU, supports Arduino, ST Zio and morpho connectivity

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3 years, 7 months ago.

I use STM32CubeMX and TrueStudio, but I do not use mbed-os with it.

Instead use CMSIS and HAL, and could directly make full use of the NUCLEO-H743ZI board and a custom made board with an STM32H7 on it. Using HAL libraries allows for more flexibility, especially when using custom boards. I modified some of those libraries, to solve bugs or make them more suitable for my use (like using greater than 2GB eMMC chips, and let Ethernet working better under certain circumstances, to name a few).

ST first shipped 'Y' version of this MCU, wich comes with a massive errata list. The new 'X' versions are difficult to get, and those are not fully compatible with the 'Y' versions of the same chip, and they even have different specifications (480MHz vs 400MHz). Though the part numbers are the same, which is highly problematic, as suppliers don't even know what they are going to ship to you. To my feeling, they made kind of a mess with the launch of this MCU, but opinions vary, depending to who you speak within ST. One says the 'Y' and 'X' should functionally be the same (which I think is an incorrect statement), and another says you should only use the 'X' version, and never the 'Y' version. The Nucleo-H732ZI uses the 'Y' version. I also use 'Y' versions on a custom board, but got all I need working fine. I use CAN, Ethernet, USB, eMMC, SDMMC, DMA, and everything works fine so far. I think mbed wants to wait for the boards with 'Z' versions (Nucleo-H732ZI2), to support.