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Error compiling for STM32F030 board

Hi there,

I'm currently using an STM32F030C6T6 board and using offline compiler of mbedos version 5, with GCC ARM compiler.

It happens that this board is only supported for mbed version 2.

I have tried the following: adding customtargets and add the version release to: "release_versions": ["2","5"],

it started to compile, but then it has an error of:

Error code

[Error] mbed_rtx.h@121,2: #error "INITIAL_SP is not defined for this target in the mbed_rtx.h file"
[Error] SWO.cpp@52,21: 'ITM_SendChar' was not declared in this scope
[Error] SWO.cpp@203,18: 'ITM_SendChar' was not declared in this scope

EDIT: In addition to this issue, I kinda screw my hardware design of thinking the Nucleo-F030R8 have the same core as the STM32F030C6T6. According to the datasheet, they have different pin names. How can I deal with this problem? Can I assign new pin names for my own board? I read something about MBED-SRC, but is unfamiliar with this.

Any kind of help will be deeeply appreciated! Thank you very much! cheers! Stanley

1 Answer

5 years, 3 months ago.

Clone the F030R8 to a new target and do your modifications

The error - where SWO.cpp comes from? looks like missing header file there. INITAL_SP also not set in the mbed_rtx.h file - if you have your own target, you should define it.