7 months, 2 weeks ago.

Where i can see resources used MBED in my project NRF52 BLE?

I was created project on Mbed with my NRF52832 with BLE stack. I do not know where i can see used by mbed resources, so i can not use hardware timers on board. Everebody can help me ? Thank you))

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1 Answer

7 months, 2 weeks ago.

Hello Marat,

There are two branches of MBED:

  • MBED OS-2. It does not use RTOS by default (so it's very similar to Arduino). But you can add it one if you like.
  • A more advanced and complex MBED OS-5 which includes an RTOS by default.

When using the online compiler you are not able to modify the MBED source code, only your application code. However, you can have a look what's under the hoods at he links above.

If you decide to use the Command Line Interface (CLI) then you'll be able to modify MBED source codes as well.

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