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Visual Studio Code include error from mbed.h

I am trying to work with Mbed-os on VSC using Microsoft's CPP-tools extension ( For some reason, I am getting an error that VSC "cannot open source file "drivers/LocalFileSystem.h" (dependency of "mbed.h")"


"LocalFileSystem.h" is in the "platform" folder, though, and I can not figure out why it is looking for it in "drivers." I have scoured the various associated code/configurations, uninstalled/reinstalled toolchains/mbed-os, and otherwise tried to troubleshoot the problem. I also opened an "issue" for it on the CPP-tools Github ( a month or so ago. I am still unable to resolve the error, though.

Any ideas as to why VSC is looking in the wrong place for "LocalFileSystem.h?"

It looks as though there was a change to mbed.h as delineated here: I still don't understand, though, why VSC is using an old mbed.h rather than the one I am actually using to find "LocalFileSystem.h."

posted by John Greene 03 Dec 2018
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