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UART communication in FRDM k64F

Hi, I need to send this command

uint8_t txbuff[] = "coap CON GET fd61:7409:e1d2:56f2:fd27:3426:5a6b:5f93 /temp\n";

through uart pin of K64F.(PTC 17) to KW41z board. I tried passing it using an array but was not successful. Any pointers on how to do this.

Thanks and Regards Niranjan

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6 months, 3 weeks ago.

Hello Niranjan,

You can try the code below:

#include "mbed.h"

DigitalOut  led1(LED1);
Serial      serial(PTC17, PTC16);

char        message[] = "coap CON GET fd61:7409:e1d2:56f2:fd27:3426:5a6b:5f93 /temp\n"; // the compiler silently appends a null char (0x00)

int main()
//    serial.baud(115200); // Uncomment this line to change the bitrate from default (9600) to 115200
    serial.printf("%s", message);
    // Uncomment the lines below to send the message periodically each second
//    while(true)
//    {
//        wait(1.0);
//        led1 = !led1;
//        serial.printf("%s", message);
//    }

Rmember to connect K64F's Tx line (pin PTC17) to KW41z's Rx line.

Thanks. It worked

posted by Niranjan Ravi 04 Dec 2018

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