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Official release ?

mbed-os-example-blinky was updated as Rev. 82:abf1b1785bd7 by mbed_official.

[Repository '/teams/mbed-os-examples/code/mbed-os-example-blinky/' not found]

Is this official release?
It looks like only for dedicated board.

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it should work for any. There's should not be any limitation. It is the official example

Thanks for your answer.
My points are;
(1)Fixed bug
Rev. 82:abf1b1785bd7 had a trouble.
I have reported at the time. I understand latest revision is okay.
(2)Components list
Right bottom has a picture L-Tek FF1705.
This picture guides the components and looks like "Dedicated board" only.

(3)LED Blinky is entry point for Mbed beginner.
Why we need to apply complex information for most simple and popular example?
Please combine like follows.

Again thank you for your answer.

posted by Kenji Arai 04 Dec 2018