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Alternative pin setup for NUCLEO-F042

Nucleo-board F042 provides CAN – pins (CAN1_RD / CAN2_TD) at PA_11 / PA_12. There is a alternative pin – connection to PA_9 / PA_10. Pin 4 in SYSCFG_CFGR1 activates this alternative setting. Probably I set this pinning with: SYSCFG->CFGR1 |= 0x00000010; but code simply doesn’t work after this. Any idea to manage this? Thanks a lot. Dieter

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I could not see the alternate CAN pins on PA_9/PA_10 in the Table 13 page 34 of the datasheet.


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Hi Yoshi, Thank you very much for your quick response, and for your helpfulness.

Please see note (5) on page 36, regarding the 24 and 20 pin package of the chip: “5. Pin pair PA11/12 can be remapped in place of pin pair PA9/10 using SYSCFG_CFGR1 register”

In https://www.st.com/resource/en/reference_manual/dm00031936.pdf on page 168 they describe the usage of Pin 4 to remap the pins. My problem is, that I made a little program on the NUCLEO-board using the CAN-interface, and I have to transfer this to a 20 pin ssop – version of STM32F042, which has no PB11/PB12 – pins. Best wishes Dieter

posted by Dieter Riedl 13 Nov 2018

I thought the question was related to the mbed (NUCLEO-F042, 32 pin STM32F042K6T6) device. The 20 pin ssop device is not related to the mbed, therefore this discussion is off-topic.

Why don't you ask this question on the STM device forum?

posted by Yoshi Mimura 13 Nov 2018
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Hello Dieter,

I'm afraid that pin pair PA11/12 can be remapped in place of pin pair PA9/10 using SYSCFG_CFGR1 register only on UFQFPN28 and TSSPOP20 (28 and 20-pin) packages. However, NUCLEO-F042 boards are equipped with the LQFP32 (32-pin) package. So your program won't work on a NUCLEO-F042 but should run fine on custom boards equipped with a TSSPOP20 package.

  • Could you please let us know how did you create the CAN object in your program (did you use pins PA_11, PA_12 or rather PA_9, PA_10)?
  • Did your program , without pin mapping (without SYSCFG->CFGR1 |= 0x00000010) work on a NUCLEO-F042 board?

My project is a device on a board with a maximum width of 9mm, and with a processor that had to have a CAN-port. As a fan of working with mbed – modules, I was very happy to find a processor, witch was small enough for my board, and also available in a mbed- supported NUCLEO-module. I started to write some test routines for my project in a breadboard-realisation for the NUCLEO – board, and then transfered the code to my homemade board with the tssop20 – controler. In this phase, I realized the problem that there is no CAN-constructor for the alterative pin – couple. So of course, Yoshi is right, and my problem is not a primary mbed subject. I just tried to find an idea on the topic. So anyway, thank you very much Yoshi and Zoltan.

posted by Dieter Riedl 13 Nov 2018