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SDFileSystem & mbed-os problem

I'm working on an embedded system that uses various Mbed libraries (and using the online Mbed compiler to compile my code). A sensor I'm using needs mbed-os to work (as opposed to the "mbed" library you can use at its place), however I want to throw an SD card into the mix. However, the library I used to control my SD card reader module (SDFileSystem) seems to not work with the "mbed-os" library (by looking up similar posts in this forum I can tell it's been at least 1 year and a half that this bug has existed). I've spent many hours looking for workarounds but I really don't understand how I can fix this problem. Can anyone please provide a Hello World example of a library that can be used to write data on SD cards AND that compiles with the latest mbed-os library? FYI, what I want to do is write JSON files on the SD card, so it's just simple file I/O just using text.

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Have you ever tried the following SDBlockDevice sample Code?


Another good example program showing difference between os2 and mbed-os5.


posted by Yoshi Mimura 09 Nov 2018