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Develop for LPC1759

I've got my LPC1768 project working with the online compiler... thank you printf! Now I want to move to the LPC1759 because I want the lower footprint, don't need all those pins... would be happier with 32 pin QFP in reality... basically creating a glorified USBhost/serial converter that has to talk through cascaded hubs.

So... will my USBHost project move over easily? Same USB peripheral? The User Guide (UM10360) is telling me yes... I don't need OTG, so the caveat for LPC175X "Remark: The LPC175x devices require a standard I2C connection to the USB ATX." doesn't apply. I'm assuming I'll need to change the pin numbers etc... any other porting gotchas?

I tried to get VSCode working... man, that was a nightmare... still no love... I'll keep trying... will we ever get mbed Studio? If I hack up my LPC1768 board to provide SWD to my new 175x target will it work? Something tells me probably not.

I'm laying out the board... what JTAG/SWD layout should I use? What JTAG probe should I use? Am I going to have to use the mbed chip on my 1768 board to program? I want to make and sell thousands of this board... how do I program for production? Why is this so hard? Why do I have a frickin' drawer full of those colorful little USB boxes, all alike yet all different?

Thanks for the bandwidth and rant-space.

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