2 years, 4 months ago.

pushing to github repo from mbed compiler

My company uses Github for all our code version control, so I have set up a private github repo, and used the mbed-cli to create a private library on my mbed code page (had to provide OAuth authorization to mbed, etc).

That's all working, and I was able to import that private mbed library into the online compiler. Was not documented great, but all is working well after some trial and error.

I have now made changes to the code, using the online compiler. I committed the changes using the online compiler just fine, but when I try to push those changes using the online compiler, I get an error stating that I am not authorized to push those changes to my remote github repo (see screenshot below):


  1. Does anyone know how I can authorize the online compiler to push changes to my github repo (I thought granting OAuth privileges to mbed would have done the trick, but I guess that just gave OAuth privileges to ARM mbed as a whole, not my online compiler profile)?
  2. If not, is there another way to push the changes I made with the online compiler into my github repo (perhaps by syncing to a local repo using mbed-cli and then pushing from there...)?
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