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MAX30003 ECG Data Validation

Hello everyone I am using NRF52 Microcontroller with MAX30003 ECG Board. I have Created library files for MAX30003 and Completed SPI communication with NRF52840 microcontroller,

I can read INFO (0x0F) register and receive some data in RX buffer but I don't know whether it is receiving correct data or not, can anyone help me how to verify the data.


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5 years, 6 months ago.

Hi Rohit,

Based on your post it seems you wrote a library for the MAX30003. My first suggestion will be to use the library that Maxim Integrated develop for this product. MAX30003 Mbed Library by Maxim Integrated

Let me know if that helps.


He Felipe, Thanks for the reply. Yes, I am referring and developed as per NRF52840DK_Board. I am receiving some data n RX Buffer. Let me know how to analyze received data correct or not? Thanks, Rohit,

posted by rohit patil 01 Nov 2018