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How can i print the data to gtkterm using ITM

I am currently working with cortex-m4 micro-controller and i m trying to use ITM for printf style debugging

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10 months, 2 weeks ago.

Hi Srishti,

If gtkterm is a generic terminal emulator (which it seems) then it won't be able to display ITM output as this a unique protocol supported by Arm debug tools. For instance Segger has a command line utility called SWOViewer and ST has a similar utility for their STM devices.

Which Cortex-M4 target are you using?


Ralph, Team Mbed

I m using ATSAM4SD32C, Gtkterm works on the principle that whatever is send via the USB it prints it on the console, we are using JTAG converter in SWD mode so the data send on the TRACESWO pin is finally getting converted in to the USB protocol. But still it doesn't seem to work.

posted by Srishti Shelke 12 Oct 2018

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